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India’s Electronics Exports Surge to $29.12 Billion in FY24

India’s electronics industry experienced a notable surge in exports, reaching $29.12 billion in fiscal year 2023-24, a substantial 23.6% increase from the previous year. This growth is particularly significant amid an overall contraction of the country’s total exports by 3%.

Top Export Markets

Commerce department officials identified the United States, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Italy as the top five export markets for Indian electronics goods.

Expansion into New Markets

During FY24, Indian electronics exports expanded into new markets such as Montenegro, Cayman Islands, El Salvador, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Honduras, and St. Vincent, reflecting India’s increasing presence and diversification in the global market.

Implications for India’s Electronics Industry

This impressive growth not only signifies India’s strengthening position in the global electronics market but also underscores the potential for further expansion into new and emerging markets. The diversification of export destinations showcases India’s commitment to embracing new opportunities and enhancing its global trade footprint.

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