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ISRO’s launched tiniest rocket to display the Tricolor in Space

A tiny satellite launch vehicle will be sent from Sriharikota by the Indian Space Research Organization on 7th August 2022. It is a three-stage vehicle, and each step of propulsion uses solid fuel. The goal of the project is to place an Earth observation satellite called EOS-02 into low earth orbit along with a satellite called “Azaadi SAT.” The satellite will be launched from Sriharikota.

Key Points:

  • 750 female students from government schools in remote areas from Kashmir to Kanyakumari created the “Azaadi Satellite.
  • Srimathy Kesan, the founder of Space Kidz India, said that the opportunity for the girls to participate in the programme was fantastic.

About the AzaadiSAT launch:

  • In order to mark India’s 75th anniversary of independence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared on August 15 that this spacecraft would be launched.
  • A co-passenger satellite called “AzaadiSAT” will be aboard SSLV in honour of India’s festival of “Azaadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav.
  • It was designed specifically for the 75th anniversary of Independence Day.
  • Young females will have options to choose “space research” as their job because it will foster their scientific temperament.

About AzaadiSAT:

  • AzaadiSAT has 75 payloads in total.
  • 750 young female students from 75 Indian rural government schools built these payloads.
  • It is the outcome of ISRO’s efforts to encourage girls to pursue “Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)”.
  • The CubeSat weighs 8 kg. The 75 payloads weigh around 50 grammes each.
  • Femto-experiments will be carried out by the mission.
  • In addition, AzadiSAT has a long-range transponder and a solid-state PIN diode-based radiation counter that will measure the ionising radiation in its orbit.
  • To connect and interact with AzadiSAT in orbit, ISRO will employ a ground system created by Space Kidz India.

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