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Jeff Zients selected as next chief of staff by Joe Biden

Jeff Zients next US chief of staff

US President Joe Biden will appoint former COVID policy coordinator Jeff Zients as his new chief of staff, reviving a crucial position as Biden gets ready for a possible re-election campaign and deals with an investigation into his handling of classified documents.

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Jeff Zients next US chief of staff: Key Points

  • According to sources familiar with the situation who spoke to Reuters, Ron Klain, Biden’s current chief of staff, intends to depart his position in the upcoming weeks.
  • After his successor begins to ease the transition, he is anticipated to continue in the position, the source said.
  • On Monday, the appointment might be revealed. The White House was silent at the time.
  • Since the beginning of the Biden administration in early 2021 through April of last year, Jeff Zients, who has spent the majority of his career in the private sector rather than politics, has served as the White House COVID coordinator.
  • He received praise for supervising and carrying out Biden’s initiatives to increase vaccination rates among Americans, but he also drew criticism for the administration’s lack of early steps to increase testing capacity.
  • Jeff Zients also worked as an economic advisor to Vice President Joe Biden’s government under President Barack Obama.

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US chief of staff: Jeff Zients return to the White House

  • Biden’s decision to run for a second four-year term in 2024, which is expected to happen after the State of the Union address next month, would be made at a crucial time if Jeff Zients returned to the White House.
  • Additionally, it comes while a special counsel inquiry into the president’s handling of sensitive documents is just getting started.
  • This has given congressional Republicans the confidence to promise their own investigations.
  • The top political appointee in charge of advancing the president’s policy agenda and making sure the right staff members are appointed holds one of the most crucial positions at the White House: chief of staff.

As the long days mount up, the job may have a high rate of burnout. Republican Donald Trump, Biden’s predecessor, had four different chiefs of staff during his four-year tenure.

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