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‘Jhaadu Daan’ Initiative Earns Place In India Book Of Records


SP Singh, the principal of the UPSRTC Model Driving Training and Research Institute, has earned a remarkable distinction by securing a place in the prestigious India Book of Records. This recognition is a testament to his exceptional contributions, particularly through his innovative ‘Jhaadu Daan’ (broom donation) initiative, which aligns with the nationwide Swachh Bharat Campaign. Singh’s commitment to promoting cleanliness and hygiene has made a substantial impact on various districts, fostering a cleaner environment and empowering communities.

The ‘Jhaadu Daan’ Initiative

SP Singh initiated the ‘Jhaadu Daan’ initiative in 2014, coinciding with the launch of the Swachh Bharat campaign by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The primary objective of this initiative is to provide essential tools for maintaining cleanliness in various surroundings. Singh recognized that access to basic cleaning tools, such as brooms, is crucial for individuals, particularly those in underprivileged communities.

Leveraging Social Media for Widespread Impact

One of the key factors behind the success of the ‘Jhaadu Daan’ initiative is the strategic use of social media. SP Singh harnessed the power of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote and distribute lakhs (hundreds of thousands) of brooms across multiple districts. These brooms reached the hands of bus drivers, conductors, as well as residents of slums and workplaces. By utilizing social media’s reach and connectivity, Singh was able to create a far-reaching impact in a relatively short time.

Distribution Across Various Districts

The ‘Jhaadu Daan’ initiative has extended its reach to numerous districts, including Auraiya, Agra, Ghazipur, Mahoba, and Lucknow. The widespread distribution of brooms across these locations has not only improved cleanliness but also instilled a sense of responsibility among the recipients to maintain their surroundings.

Significant Milestones Achieved

SP Singh’s commitment to the ‘Jhaadu Daan’ initiative has resulted in significant milestones. To date, over 1 lakh brooms have been distributed across 80 different locations. These brooms have been made available thanks to the generous donations from citizens who learned about the initiative through social media channels.

Government Recognition and Cleanliness Campaign

Transport Minister Dayashankar Singh recently praised SP Singh’s contributions, acknowledging their positive impact on the department’s reputation. In light of these achievements, the government has announced a new cleanliness campaign set to commence on October 2, commemorating Mahatma Gandhi’s 154th birth anniversary. This campaign encourages citizens to actively participate in local cleanliness drives, furthering the mission of a cleaner and more hygienic India.

A Shining Example Of An Individual Effort

SP Singh’s ‘Jhaadu Daan’ initiative serves as a shining example of how individual efforts, when combined with the power of social media and community involvement, can lead to significant positive change. His recognition in the India Book of Records is a testament to his dedication to cleanliness and hygiene, and it continues to inspire others to contribute to the noble cause of building a cleaner and healthier nation.

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