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Karthik Subramaniam of Indian Origin wins National Geographic’s ‘Pictures of the year’

Karthik Subramaniam wins National Geographic’s ‘Pictures of the year’

A software engineer of Indian descent who later became a hobbyist photographer has been named the grand prize winner of National Geographic’s “Pictures of the Year” competition. In the year 2020, Karthik Subramaniam began experimenting with his camera after being quarantined at his San Francisco, California, house as a result of the epidemic.

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Karthik Subramaniam of Indian Origin wins ‘pictures of the year’ Contest: Key Points

  • A little under three years later, he captured bald eagles competing for a tree branch in Alaska’s Chilkat Bald Eagle Sanctuary, which helped him win over 5,000 entries in four categories (Nature, People, Places, and Animals) and claim the coveted top spot.
  • Every fall, over 3,000 bald eagles migrate to Alaska, congregating in the area of Haines, where Subramaniam camped out on the final day of his seven-day shooting excursion to observe the raptors swoop in to eat on fish.
  • The photographer witnessed a bald eagle bump intimidating another predatory bird into giving up its vantage point for a clear view on the fish being chased by their peers shortly after setting up his camera on a wood near the shore.
  • The picture will be displayed in the May issue of National Geographic.

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