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Microwave steriliser “ATULYA” developed to disintegrate COVID-19

Microwave steriliser "ATULYA" developed to disintegrate COVID-19_50.1

A microwave steriliser named as “ATULYA” has been developed by the Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune. The microwave steriliser “ATULYA” will disintegrate the COVID-19 virus with the help of differential heating in the range of 56 degree to 60 degree Celsius temperatures.

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The microwave steriliser “ATULYA”, weighing 3 kilogrammes can be used to sterilise non-metallic objects only within a time frame of 30 seconds to one minute. This product has been found safe after getting tested for human and operator safety. It can be operated in portable or fixed installations.

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Microwave steriliser "ATULYA" developed to disintegrate COVID-19_60.1

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