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Mission DefSpace launched by PM Modi in Gujarat

Mission DefSpace launched: Mission DefSpace was inaugurated at DefExpo2022 in Gandhinagar, Gujarat by the prime minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi). The project’s goal is to create cutting-edge defence forces in the space industry. 75 space industry challenges have been highlighted for private companies to work on under Mission DefSpace.

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Mission DefSpace launched at DefExpo2022: Key Points

  • According to Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, as the government has always placed a high premium on national defence, the Indian military is developing deep-sea and space initiatives.
  • PM Modi emphasised the growing significance of space technology, saying it is defining new concepts in India’s space diplomacy and that the country is currently exchanging space research with more than 60 underdeveloped countries.

Mission DefSpace: About

  • Through industry and startups, the space programme seeks to create cutting-edge solutions for the Defense Forces.
  • Mission DefSpace, the effort will strengthen India’s preparation and position the nation for potential future space opportunities.
  • ‘South Asia satellite’ is a good illustration of this. Ten ASEAN nations will also have real-time access to Indian satellite data by the end of the following year.
  • With Mission DefSpace even wealthy nations like Europe and America use the information from our satellites.

Mission DefSpace and ISRO:

  • Mission DefSpace, a future example of what security will imply for a powerful nation, is the endeavour to use space technology.
  • The three defence services have analysed and identified a number of difficulties in this area that will be the focus of the programme.
  • The Indian Space Agency has repeatedly proven its mettle on the international scene to stay competitive in the race to space.
  • The workhorse of ISRO, PSLV, has completed more than 53 successful missions over the years, and the rocket has acquired operational status.
  • Since 1990, ISRO has used PSLVs to provide satellite launch services, launching 345 customer spacecraft from 34 different nations across the world (as of July 2022).
  • This has reaped rewards for ISRO, who made approximately through its commercial arms.
  • Launching satellites for international clients generated $279 million in foreign currency.
  • The Department of Space has been given a staggering Rs13,700 crores in the annual budget for the year 2022, of which Rs7,456.60 crores is designated for capital expenditures.

ISRO taking World to space, adding value to Indian Economy:

  • “Total foreign exchange earnings earned from launching foreign satellites amounts to USD 56 million (one million=10 lakhs) and 220 million Euros approximately.”
  • Considering the current size of the global space industry, $447 billion, and the fact that India’s space economy is only valued at $36,794 crores (about $5 billion), India still has a significant amount of ground to make up.
  • India currently only makes up around 2% of the space economy, lagging behind powerful economies like the US and China.
  • India has been making great gains toward realising its space objectives by opening up the space sector to domestic private businesses and creative Start-Ups, allowing them to tap into untapped possibilities.

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