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5 PSLV rockets to be built by HAL-L&T under a Rs. 860 billion contract

5 PSLV rockets to be built by HAL-L&T: The Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, HAL-L&T consortium, making the industry’s first entrance into end-to-end production of polar satellite launch vehicles, has secured a Rs 860 crore contract from NewSpace India Limited to produce five rockets (PSLV rockets). The HAL-L&T cooperation won the right to produce PSLV from beginning to end after three bids were subjected to a techno-commercial examination.

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5 PSLV rockets to be built by HAL-L&T: Key Points

  • The consortium would produce five PSLV rockets, India’s dependable workhorse launch vehicle.
  • The PSLV, India’s third-generation launch vehicle, gets its mechanical systems and 60% of its electronic systems from the industry. The remaining percentages in both sectors are extremely complicated, though.
  • Under the GOCO (Government Owned, Contractor Operated) concept, the consortium will now be in charge of manufacturing, putting together, and integrating the launcher.

5 PSLV rockets to be built by HAL-L&T: About NSIL

  • The NSIL also has plans to procure a fully assembled GSLV-Mk III rocket from Indian business associates.
  • The transfer of 10 in-orbit communication satellites from the Government of India to NSIL was authorised by the Union Cabinet in June of this year.
  • The government had approved raising NSIL’s authorised share capital from Rs 1,000 billion to Rs 7,500 billion.
  • The space sector reforms required NSIL to engage in end-to-end commercial space activities and perform the duties of a full-fledged satellite operator.

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