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Assam Government To Launch A New Scheme Named Mukhyamantrir Atmanirbharshil Asom Abhiyan


The Assam government is set to usher in a new era of empowerment and self-reliance for its youth with the launch of the “Mukhyamantrir Atmanirbharshil Asom Abhiyan.” This ambitious scheme aims to provide financial assistance of Rs 2 lakh each to two lakh deserving young individuals, paving the way for a brighter and more self-sufficient future for the state’s youth.

Empowering Assam’s Youth

The “Mukhyamantrir Atmanirbharshil Asom Abhiyan” stands as a testament to the Assam government’s commitment to empowering its youth. By offering financial support to two lakh young individuals, the scheme intends to enable them to pursue their dreams and aspirations, thereby reducing unemployment and boosting self-reliance among the state’s youth.

The Visionary Leadership

Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, known for his forward-thinking approach, spearheads this transformative initiative. In a bid to ensure the success of the scheme, he recently conducted a video conference with the Chief Secretary and senior officials from the conference hall of Assam House to discuss various crucial facets of the scheme, such as eligibility criteria, application procedures, and the disbursement of financial assistance.

“Mukhyamantrir Atmanirbharshil Asom Abhiyan”: Skill Enhancement and Financial Support

Over the span of two years, the government intends to extend financial assistance to a total of 200,000 eligible applicants, complemented by subsidies and an interest-free loan that carries a five-year repayment period. Selected beneficiaries are required to engage in a month-long training program, during which they will receive a stipend of Rs. 10,000. This training initiative focuses on enhancing skills related to management, accounting, and entrepreneurship. Successful candidates must also meet the prerequisite of attending classes at their designated educational or skill training institutions.

A Glimpse into the Future

The “Mukhyamantrir Atmanirbharshil Asom Abhiyan” is poised to create a ripple effect of positive change in Assam. As registration for the scheme opens on September 23-24, the youth of Assam will have an opportunity to embark on a journey towards self-reliance and prosperity. In a state known for its rich culture and heritage, this scheme serves as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for a brighter future. Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and his dedicated team are paving the way for a more self-reliant and empowered Assam, one youth at a time.

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