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Northern Railways To Launch MEMU, DMU Between Baramulla, Sangaldan

The Northern Railway Firozpur division is set to revolutionize connectivity in the region with the introduction of a new Mainline Electric Multiple Unit (MEMU) and Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) train service between Baramulla and Sangaldan stations, Jammu and Kashmir. This initiative marks a significant milestone in the ongoing Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla Rail Link (USBRL) project, enhancing transportation infrastructure and facilitating easier access for commuters.

Official Announcement

  • The announcement of this new train service was made following an official communiqué received by the Northern Railway Firozpur division from the CPTM, Northern Railways, Baroda House, New Delhi.
  • The communiqué (an official announcement) outlined the proposal for introducing the MEMU and DMU train service between Baramulla and Sangaldan stations, utilizing existing train paths and infrastructure.

Route Expansion

  • In the communication, it was revealed that a new railway section was slated to open between Banihal and Sangaldan station, paving the way for expanded connectivity in the region.
  • This development signifies a concerted effort to extend the reach of the railway network, catering to the growing transportation needs of the populace.

Operational Details

  • The new train service will operate two trains shuttling between Baramulla and Sangaldan in both the morning and afternoon. Notably, the service will be operational six days a week, with Sunday being the exception.
  • While specific data regarding train operations was not disclosed, the timings from Baramulla to Sangaldan were provided in the official communiqué.

Prime Ministerial Inauguration

  • Excitement mounts as Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to virtually dedicate the Banihal-Khari-Sumbar-Sangaldan railway line to the nation during his visit to Jammu on February 20.
  • Additionally, the Prime Minister is slated to inaugurate the first electric train journey from Baramulla to Sangaldan, symbolizing a significant leap forward in the region’s transportation infrastructure.
  • This inauguration aligns with a broader agenda to inaugurate and lay the foundation of numerous developmental projects, underscoring the government’s commitment to fostering growth and connectivity in the region.

New Era of Connectivity: MEMU and DMU Service Launch

  • The introduction of the MEMU and DMU train service between Baramulla and Sangaldan stations heralds a new era of connectivity and accessibility in the region.
  • With the inauguration of the Banihal-Khari-Sumbar-Sangaldan railway line by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the region is poised for accelerated development and enhanced connectivity, promising a brighter future for commuters and communities alike.

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