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Padhe Bharat Campaign- About the Campaign and Activities

Padhe Bharat Campaign

On 1st January 2022, Union Minister Shri Dharmendra Pradhan launched a 100-day reading campaign called ‘Padhe Bharat’. It is aligned with the National Education Policy 2020 or NEP 2020. This program emphasizes and encourages reading culture for people of every age group. It encourages students to read books in local, regional, tribal, and mother tongue languages. It aims to improve the learning level of students and creativity, critical thinking, vocabulary, and the ability to express themselves both verbally and in writing.

The union Education minister Shri Dharmendra Pradhan says that “Reading books is a healthy habit and a wonderful way to develop cognitive, language, and social skills. Inspired by PM Narendra Modi’s call to citizens to read books regularly, I am committed to cultivating a lifetime habit of book reading.”

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About Padhe Bharat Campaign

  1. While launching the Padhe Bharat Campaign, the union Education minister has underlined the importance of reading children need to develop to ensure lifelong learning.
  2. According to the Union education minister the habit of reading in children must be inculcated at an early age to health them develop their brains and enhance imagination.
  3. Emphasis that reading is the foundation of learning and it will motivate the students to develop critical thinking, creativity, vocabulary, and the ability to express themselves.
  4. He said five books that he began to read and encouraged others to adopt the habit of reading books and share it with others.
  5. Padhe Bharat campaign will focus mostly on children studying in Bal Vatika to grade 8.
  6. The campaign is organized for 100 days which starts from 1st January 2022 to 10th April 2022.
  7. The campaign urges all the children, teachers, parents, community, and educational administrators, on national and state levels to participate in this campaign.
  8. The campaign has decided to organize one activity per week per group to focus on reading enjoyable.
  9. The campaign will focus on books that are in the mother tongue, local, and regional languages.
  10. 100 days reading campaign encourages and supports students along with the school, parents, teachers, and communities to enjoy reading and read to learn joyfully.

Activities organized under the Padhe Bharat campaign.

  1. One activity per group per week has been created by the officials of 100 days campaign. It aims to encourage people to read more enjoyable and create a lifelong habit of reading.
  2. The ministry has created comprehensive guidelines and an appropriate weekly calendar of activities. All the activities will be held at the state and national levels including in union territories.
  3. The reading campaign is aligned with the goal of “basic literacy and numerical mission”.
  4. The campaign encourages the students and the children to read books that are written in their mother tongue language or local language. This day will be celebrated as an activity named “Padho Kahani Apni Bhasha Mein”.

FAQs on the Padhe Bharat Campaign

1. What is ‘Padhe Bharat’?
Ans. Padhe Bharat campaign was launched by Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, Union Education Minister of India. It is a hundred days reading campaign organized by the government of India to encourage the citizens to make reading a habit and read enjoyable.

2. What is Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan’s ‘Padhe Bharat bade Bharat’?
Ans. It is the nationwide sub-program to Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan ‘Padhe Bharat bade Bharat’. It is to improve language development by creating and enjoying interest in reading and writing comprehension and encourages the creation of a natural and positive interest in mathematics related to the physical and social world.

3. What is the significance of the Padhe Bharat campaign?
Ans. Padhe Bharat’s campaign encourages the students to read more enjoyable and to inculcate a habit of reading in children.

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