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PM Modi launched ‘Call Before u Dig’ app

Prime Minister Modi has recently launched an app called “Call Before You Dig” to prevent uncoordinated digging that can cause damage to underground utility assets, such as optical fibre cables.

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PM Modi Launches Call Before u Dig App! Neither the pipeline will break.. nor the cable connection will move, saving 3 thousand crores a year? – PM Narendra Modi Launches Call Before

More About The ‘Call Before u Dig’ app:

The app has been developed jointly by the Department of Telecommunications and the Bhaskaracharya Institute for Space Applications and Geoinformatics, which operates under the Gujarat government. Its primary aim is to protect the country’s underground public infrastructure.

Significance of The ‘Call Before u Dig’ app:

The “Call Before You Dig” app will facilitate coordination between excavators and asset owners through SMS/email notifications and click-to-call options.

This will help in executing planned excavations and ensure that the concerned authorities are informed before any digging takes place.

By using the app, excavators can get information about the location of underground utility assets and their depth, which will help them plan their work accordingly and avoid any damage to these assets.

Need of the ‘Call Before u Dig’ app:

This kind of damage can cost the government thousands of crores each year. The app is designed to help avoid these costly accidents by allowing people to get in touch with the concerned authorities before starting any excavation work.

It is expected that this app will help reduce the cost of damages caused by uncoordinated digging, and ensure that the country’s underground utility assets are better protected.

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