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President of India attends the Yuva Sammelan hosted by “My Home India”

The Yuva Sammelan, which was hosted by “My Home India” in New Delhi, was attended by Ram Nath Kovind, the President of India. The President stated that youth are a nation’s present and future when speaking at the event. Their skills have a distinct impact on elevating a nation. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that today’s youth will write tomorrow’s history. According to the President, there are more adolescents and young people in India than anywhere else in the world. This phenomenon, known as the “Demographic Dividend,” presents an opportunity for our nation.

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Key Points:

  • According to the President, it is a source of great pleasure for all of us that Indian young have built countless start-ups on their talent and tenacity.
  • The youth of today are more likely to create their own jobs than to seek them out. It is crucial that young people pick a career based on their skill set and develop some sort of ability.
  • The President stated that 103 unicorns have been founded in India as of June 29, 2022, with a combined valuation of over $336 billion.
  • India is home to one unicorn out of every ten found worldwide today. Additionally, he mentioned that as of May 2022, 47 businesses worldwide have attained the status of “decacorn,” including four start-ups in India, three of which were led by young people.
  • Pandemic has caused significant socioeconomic suffering globally, even during this time our young entrepreneurs have set a wonderful example of courage and talent. He pointed to the increase in the number of unicorns in India even during the COVID-19.

About “My Home India”:

  • “My Home India” is fostering a sense of togetherness and integrity within the country through its many projects.
  • The youth gathering was an admirable attempt to educate young people about nationalism.
  • “My Home India” had established prizes like “One India” and “Karmayogi.” He mentioned the extensive social work that this NGO is also involved in.

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