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UNICEF Day observed on 11 December

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UNICEF Day 2022

Every year UNICEF Day is celebrated on December 11 every year. The word UNICEF stands for United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund and the purpose served by the organisation is to save children’s lives by providing them with humanitarian aid across the world. The main purpose of the organization is to provide humanitarian aid to children around the world. It was originally intended as a relief fund to help children after World War II.

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UNICEF DAY 2022: Significance

The day plays a significant role in raising awareness at a global level to help children who need help and assistance. The assistance includes the supply of food, clean water, education, and health facilities for free. The aim is to eliminate hunger, violation of children’s rights, and discrimination against race, region, or religion. UNICEF’s major objective is to protect children all across the world and provide access to basic rights like good education, food, sanitation, vaccination, etc.


The day was established after World War II to assist people who needed help and whose lives were at risk. Later in 1953, UNICEF became a permanent agency of the United Nations. The goal was to protect and enhance the lives of people whose future was at risk. They wanted to provide food and assistance for the well-being of the children. The day was announced as UNICEF in 1946. Later it became a permanent agency.

Important takeaways for all competitive exams: 

  • UNICEF Founded: 1946;
  • UNICEF Headquarters: New York City, USA;
  • UNICEF Director General: Catherine M. Russell;
  • UNICEF Membership: 192.

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