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Vijayawada Railway Station gets IGBC’s ‘Green Railway Station’ certification

Vijayawada Railway Station was awarded the ‘Green Railway Station’ certification with the highest rating of Platinum by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) for its efforts in improving the environmental standards and providing eco-friendly services to passengers. This is an upgradation of the station’s ratings, from gold in 2019 to platinum in 2023.

Some of these measures include use of star-rated electrical appliances, LED lights, installation of a sewage treatment plant to recycle wastewater, periodic testing to check smoke emission, increasing green coverage, improvement in amenities for passengers, provision of medical facilities, proximity to bus stops, avoidance of single-use plastic, use of comprehensive mechanised cleaning for effective waste segregation and its disposal, among others.

Green Railway Stations Rating System

The IGBC­-CII Green Railway Stations Rating System is a voluntary initiative that aims to facilitate the adoption of green concepts in railway stations. The system helps to address national priorities such as water conservation, waste management, energy efficiency, reduced use of fossil fuels, and lesser dependency on virgin materials. The rating system also helps the station management to understand their current position with respect to the “green performance” of the station and the measures that need to be taken to enhance the performance on a continual basis.

The IGBC, with the support of Environment Directorate of Indian Railways, developed the Green Railway Stations rating system to facilitate adoption of green concepts and enhance the overall commuter experience.

The rating is based on six environmental categories as defined by IGBC which include sustainable station facility, health, hygiene and sanitation, energy efficiency, water efficiency, smart and green initiatives and innovation and development.

Evaluation Process for Green Railway Stations

The Vijayawada Railway Station was evaluated under six modules:

  1. Sustainable station facility
  2. Health hygiene and sanitation
  3. Energy efficiency
  4. Water efficiency
  5. Smart and green initiative
  6. Innovation & development

Features of the IGBC Platinum Certified Vijayawada Railway Station

The station has implemented several green initiatives, including:

  1. Safe drinking water
  2. No smoking policy
  3. Tobacco smoke control
  4. Fresh air ventilation
  5. Solid waste management plan
  6. Plastic­- free environment
  7. Daylighting

Energy­ efficient measures such as 5­star rated electrical equipment, LED fixtures, BLDC fans, daylight sensors, energy monitoring, and solar water heaters. Smart and green initiatives such as Wi­Fi facilities, smart card ticketing, food courts, pharmacies, and innovative measures like the Centre for Advanced Maintenance Technology (CAMTECH) design coach watering.

Additional Information about Vijayawada Station In June 2023, Vijayawada Station became the first station in India to equip platforms with a Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) solar roof, installing a total capacity of 130 kilowatts ‘peak’ (kWp) of solar power.

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