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What is the purpose of Gaganyaan Mission?

What is the purpose of Gaganyaan Mission?

The primary purpose of the Gaganyaan Mission is to demonstrate India’s capability to send humans into space. Specifically, the mission aims to achieve the following objectives:

Crewed Spaceflight: Gaganyaan intends to launch Indian astronauts into space, marking India’s entry into the elite group of nations with human spaceflight capabilities.

Technology Demonstration: The mission will serve as a platform to showcase and test the technologies and systems required for human spaceflight, including spacecraft, life support systems, and crew safety measures.

Crew Safety: Ensuring the safety of astronauts is of paramount importance. Gaganyaan will evaluate crew escape systems, making certain that astronauts can safely return to Earth in case of emergencies.

International Collaboration: The mission provides an opportunity for international collaboration, as India seeks to work with other spacefaring nations and organizations on human spaceflight initiatives.

Inspiration and National Pride: Gaganyaan serves as a source of inspiration for the Indian population and a point of national pride, showcasing India’s technological and scientific capabilities.

In summary, the Gaganyaan Mission is not only about sending humans into space but also about advancing India’s space technology and fostering a sense of achievement and national pride. It’s a significant step towards India’s aspirations for space exploration and scientific progress.

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