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India’s First Semi-High-Speed Regional Rail Service ‘Namo Bharat’


India’s expanding transportation infrastructure is set to reach new heights with the country’s first semi-high-speed regional rail service, Namo Bharat. Previously known as RapidX, this innovative project is on the cusp of revolutionizing regional connectivity. This also marks the introduction of the Regional Rapid Train Service (RRTS) in India.

Revolutionizing Intercity Travel: The RRTS Advancement

The RRTS (Revolutionizing Regional Transit) is a cutting-edge regional transportation system that can compete with the world’s best. RRTS is a new kind of train system that’s faster than regular ones and runs frequently. It is a big plan to make intercity travel faster and more convenient. Trains will run every 15 minutes, and they can even run more often, every 5 minutes, if needed.

State-of-the-Art Features

The Namo Bharat trains are designed with the utmost passenger convenience and safety in mind. Each coach is equipped with six CCTVs, an emergency door-opening mechanism, and a communication button to connect with the train operator. Moreover, these trains offer features such as overhead luggage racks, Wi-Fi connectivity, and mobile and laptop charging outlets at every seat. A dedicated train attendant is present in the premium coach, ensuring a comfortable and secure journey.

Platform Screen Doors for Enhanced Safety

Safety is a paramount concern for Namo Bharat, and this is evident through the implementation of platform screen doors (PSDs) at every RRTS station. These PSDs are integrated with a signaling system, further enhancing passenger safety and minimizing the risk of accidents.

Ticketing Options for Commuters

Namo Bharat offers various ticketing modes to cater to the diverse needs of passengers. Commuters can opt for QR code-based one-time tickets or a card-based transit option for all their journeys. QR code-based tickets can be generated via ticket vending machines (TVMs) or purchased from ticket counters. The TVMs are UPI-enabled, ensuring a seamless and digital ticketing experience.

Fare Structure

Fare structures for Namo Bharat have been meticulously designed, taking into account the distance or stations covered. The minimum fare for the premium coach is set at Rs 40, with a maximum fare of Rs 100. For the five standard coaches operating on the priority section, fares range from a minimum of Rs 20 to a maximum of Rs 50.

Unprecedented Speed

The Namo Bharat trains will offer a remarkable average speed of 100 kilometers per hour, outperforming both traditional metro trains and passenger trains in the Indian Railways network. These state-of-the-art train sets have been manufactured by Alstom, a renowned company, right here in Gujarat, further bolstering India’s ‘Make in India’ initiative.

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India's First Semi-High-Speed Regional Rail Service 'Namo Bharat'_4.1


India's First Semi-High-Speed Regional Rail Service 'Namo Bharat'_5.1