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Who was Zarina Hashmi?

Why Zarina Hashmi in news?

Today, Google Doodle commemorates the birthday of Zarina Hashmi, an influential Indian American artist who would have turned 86 today.

Zarina Hashmi Biography

Zarina Hashmi, a renowned artist born in 1937 at Aligarh, India, has traversed the globe, crafting a unique artistic journey that beautifully intertwines her personal experiences and life events. With a background in mathematics and an education in woodblock printing and intaglio across Bangkok, Tokyo, and Paris, Zarina’s art bears the unmistakable influence of her early interests in architecture and mathematics. Her work exudes minimalism while embracing texture and materiality, chronicling themes of home, displacement, borders, journey, and memory.

Zarina Hashmi’s Early Life and Influences

Zarina Hashmi's Biography
Zarina Hashmi’s Biography

Zarina’s childhood was filled with joy and support from her loving family. Her close bond with her sister Rani, who passed away in 2013, held a profound impact on her life and art. Growing up, her fascination with architecture and mathematics laid the groundwork for the geometrical purity that now defines her artistic expression.

Zarina Hashmi’s Artistic Journey

Zarina Hashmi's Biography
Zarina Hashmi’s Biography

Throughout her illustrious career, Zarina has exhibited her art at prestigious international venues. In 2011, she proudly represented India at the Venice Biennale, captivating audiences with her poignant creations. A year later, the critically acclaimed retrospective exhibition, “Zarina: Paper Like Skin,” made its debut at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. This captivating exhibition then journeyed to the Guggenheim Museum in New York and the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013, further solidifying her place in the world of art.

Zarina Hashmi’s Themes and Motifs

Zarina’s art goes beyond aesthetics, delving into themes that echo the profound impact of her nomadic lifestyle and personal experiences. The recurrent motifs of home, displacement, borders, journey, and memory breathe life into her creations, inviting viewers to ponder upon the depths of human emotions and connections.

Zarina Hashmi’s Embracing Minimalism with a Touch of Texture

While Zarina’s art often embraces minimalism, there is an intriguing contrast in its starkness and its tactile quality. Her unique use of materials and texture imparts a tangible, emotional dimension to her work, allowing viewers to immerse themselves fully in the stories her art unfolds.

Zarina Hashmi’s Awards

  • President’s Award for Printmaking, India, 1969
  • Residency Award at the Women’s Studio Workshop, Rosendale, New York, 1991
  • Residency Award, Art-Omi, Omi, New York, 1994

Zarina Hashmi’s Books

  • Zarina: Paper Houses (2007)
  • Zarina Hashmi: Recent Works (2011)
  • Zarina Hashmi: Noor (2011)
  • Lines of Inquiry: Partition, Historiography and the Art of Zarina Hashmi (2012)
  • Zarina: Paper Like Skin (2012)
  • Zarina: Weaving Darkness and Silence (2017)
  • Zarina: Directions to my House (2018)
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