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Marape reinstated as PM of Papua New Guinea by new legislature

Following elections in the South Pacific island nation of Papua New Guinea, the parliament has reinstated Prime Minister James Marape. According to the media and election authorities, Marape was re-sworn in as prime minister after lawmakers in the new parliament elected Marape without opposition. The general election in Papua New Guinea took place between July 4 and July 22, although voting and vote counting were postponed due to unusual conditions, such as security concerns, attacks on ballot boxes, and logistical difficulties, according to the electoral commission.

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Marape’s Reinstatement: Key Points

  • Marape and his predecessor, Peter O’Neill, who resigned in 2019, were the front-runners for the position of leader of the next administration.
  • Due in part to the country’s rough terrain, severe weather, inadequate transportation infrastructure, and linguistic and cultural variety, the election there is among the most difficult in the entire globe.
  • According to international election monitors, the national election of Papua New Guinea was also marred by violence, delays, accusations of fraud, and a sizable number of voters who were not included on the electoral record.

Marape’s Reinstatement: The Voting

  • When parliament of Papua New Guinea was scheduled to meet, 105 of the 118 seats had been filled. Among the elect were two women.
  • Marape, the head of the Pangu Party, which won 36 seats, received 97 votes in favour of becoming prime minister Papua New Guinea, and he will lead a coalition government made up of more than a dozen independents and minor parties.
  • Marape, who took office as prime minister for the first time in 2019, declared that the coalition had a collective mandate and urged national unity.

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