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NCERT Constitutes 19-Member Panel for Textbook Revision in India

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), India’s top advisory body for school education, has taken a significant step towards textbook revision. The council has formed a 19-member committee responsible for aligning school syllabi, textbooks, teaching materials, and learning resources with the National Curriculum Framework (NCF). The committee’s mandate covers Classes 3 to 12, and it also aims to ensure a seamless transition from Classes 1 and 2 to subsequent grades.

Diverse Panel Members Contributing to Textbook Revision

The 19-member committee responsible for the revision of school textbooks and alignment with the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) comprises experts from various domains. Each member brings their unique expertise to the table, collectively working towards enhancing the educational experience for students.

MC Pant – Chancellor of NIEPA and Committee Head

  • Leadership role in guiding the committee’s efforts.

Manjul Bhargava – Distinguished Professor and Fields Medallist

  • Co-chair of the committee, contributing mathematical expertise.

Bibek Debroy – Economist and Chairman of Economic Advisory Council to PM

  • Economist with insights into policy implications for education.

Chamu Krishna Shastry – Founding Member of Samskrita Bharati

  • Expertise in promoting Sanskrit education and language.

Sudha Murty – Philanthropist and Social Worker

  • Valuable perspective on education’s social impact and philanthropy.

Shankar Mahadevan – Renowned Singer and Musician

  • Artistic insight into integrating music and arts in education.

Sanjeev Sanyal – Economist and Economic Advisory Council Member

  • Contributing economic perspective to education policy.

U Vimal Kumar – Former Chief National Badminton Coach

  • Sports education and coaching expertise.

M D Srinivas – Chairperson of Centre for Policy Studies

  • Policy insights for curriculum development.

Shekhar Mande – Former Director-General of CSIR and Professor

  • Scientific and research-based educational input.

Surina Ranjan – Retired IAS Officer and Education Administrator

  • Administrative insights into educational management.

Michael Danino – French Author and IIT Gandhinagar Professor

  • Blend of cultural and academic expertise.

Sujatha Ramadorai – Mathematics Professor at University of British Columbia

  • International academic perspective in mathematics education.

Pratyusha Kumar Mandala – NCERT Representative

  • NCERT’s contribution to curriculum development.

Dinesh Kumar – NCERT Representative

  • Expertise in curriculum design and educational content.

Kirti Kapoor – NCERT Representative

  • Contributing insights from NCERT’s educational initiatives.

Ranjana Arora – NCERT Representative

  • NCERT’s perspective on educational materials.

Rabin Chetri – Director of SCERT, Sikkim

  • Regional representation and educational management insights.

K Kasturirangan – Scientist and Former Head of National Steering Committee

  • Previously led the National Steering Committee for NCF drafting.

Collective Expertise for Educational Transformation

With a diverse range of expertise spanning mathematics, arts, economics, sports, policy, and administration, this committee aims to create an educational framework that aligns with contemporary needs while embracing cultural and regional diversity. Each member contributes their valuable insights, driving the transformation of India’s school education system.

Proposed Changes from the NCF

The pre-draft of the National Curriculum Framework, made available for public feedback on April 6, suggests significant reforms in school education. These recommendations include implementing biannual board examinations, introducing a semester system for Class 12, and offering students the flexibility to pursue a blend of science, humanities, and commerce subjects. While the final report’s contents are yet to be made public, these proposed changes indicate a transformative shift in the education system.

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