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NTPC Becomes The Only Indian PSU To Feature In Forbes “World’s Best Employers 2023” List


India’s largest integrated energy conglomerate, NTPC Limited, has achieved a remarkable distinction by being named one of the “World’s Best Employers 2023” in the Forbes World’s Best Employers list, which was officially unveiled on October 10, 2023.

NTPC’s Global Ranking

This prestigious recognition places NTPC at the 261st position among the top 700 companies globally and highlights its exceptional commitment to fostering a positive work environment and employee-centric practices. Notably, NTPC Limited is the sole Indian Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) to secure a place on this distinguished list.

Forbes World’s Best Employers List

Forbes, a globally renowned business publication, releases its World’s Best Employers List annually, following rigorous independent market research. The primary objective is to identify the top 700 companies worldwide that excel in offering a stimulating workplace environment characterized by opportunities for training and career growth, attractive employee benefits, a strong employee-centric approach, and a commitment to workplace diversity. To compile this prestigious list, Forbes partnered with the reputable market research firm Statista, adding an extra layer of credibility to the evaluation process.

NTPC’s Inclusion on the List

NTPC’s inclusion on the Forbes World’s Best Employers List 2023 underscores the company’s commitment to a progressive “People before PLF” (Plant Load Factor) approach. This unique approach revolves around placing employee well-being and development at the forefront of its operations, ensuring that the needs of its workforce are paramount. NTPC has consistently strived to align its people practices strategically with the evolving requirements of the business.

Key Factors in NTPC’s Success

Several key factors have contributed to NTPC’s recognition as one of the world’s best employers:

Continuous Process Improvement: NTPC has demonstrated excellence in the development and management of its Human Resources by implementing continuous process improvement measures. This focus on refinement and enhancement of HR practices has contributed to the creation of a dynamic and employee-centric work environment.

Caring and Engaging Workplace: NTPC places a strong emphasis on creating a caring, learning, and engaging workplace. This commitment is evident in its efforts to foster a positive, collaborative, and supportive work culture that allows employees to thrive and contribute effectively to the organization.

Employee Well-being and Care: The company’s dedication to employee well-being is commendable. NTPC has established comprehensive programs and initiatives that cater to the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of its workforce, reinforcing the idea that its employees are its most valuable asset.

Meaningful Employee Experience: NTPC has adopted a “People before PLF” philosophy that ensures the needs of employees come first. By strategically aligning people practices with business needs, the company has created a meaningful and collaborative employee experience that leads to increased job satisfaction and productivity.

Agility and Future Readiness: NTPC’s progressive people policies and interventions have made its workforce more agile and future-ready. The introduction of contemporary Performance Management systems, continuous assessment, focused learning and development initiatives, and transparent Career Development & Succession Planning Systems have been instrumental in building an enabling and engaging culture unique to NTPC.

NTPC’s Pioneering Commitment to Employee Well-Being

This accolade not only highlights NTPC’s excellence in human resources management but also its dedication to employee well-being, development, and creating a culture that aligns with the best practices of leading global companies. As the only Indian PSU to feature in the Forbes list, NTPC’s achievement stands as a testament to its pioneering approach and its continued commitment to being a world-class employer.