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PM KUSUM Yojana: Objectives, Features, Benefits and Eligibility

PM KUSUM Yojana: About

In March 2019, PM KUSUM Yojana or Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Surakshaevam Utthaan Mahabhiyan Yojana was launched by the government of India. Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Surakshaevam Utthaan Mahabhiyan Yojana supports the farmers financially to install solar irrigation pumps for cultivation. Farmers will get a 60% subsidy to set up tubewells and pump sets individually. In this article, we will highlight the objectives, features, Eligibility, and benefits of the PM KUSUM Yojana.

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PM KUSUM Yojana: Objectives

1. The primary objective of PM KUSUM Yojana is to make the latest technology available to every farmer in India.
2. To make the farmers familiar with the de-dieselized irrigation system in the agricultural sector.
3. The solar pumps will enable the farmers to work more effectively and use an eco-friendly irrigation system, as solar pumps will produce safe energy.
4. The pump sets comprise an energy grid that will generate more energy than diesel-driven pumps.
5. The Farmers will be able to generate extra power and sell it to the Government directly and enhance their income.

PM KUSUM Yojana: Features

1. Component A– Install a total of 10GV grid connections, stilt-mounted decentralized solar plants, and other renewable energy-based power plants. Each plant is sized up to 500KW to 2MV.
2. Component B– Install stand-alone solar pumps of up to 7.5HP individual capacity and worth 17.50 lakh.
3. Component C– Provide financial support to Solaris 10 lakh grid-connected agricultural pumps of 7.5HP of capacity each.

PM KUSUM Yojana: Eligibility

The eligibility list for PM KUSUM Yojana is given below-
1. An individual Farmer
2. A group of Farmers
3. FPO or Farmer producer organization
4. Panchayat
5. Co-operatives
6. Water User Associations.

PM KUSUM Yojana: Benefits

1. The construction of solar plants which is initiated by the government of India will generate an aggregate of 28.250 MV of power.
2. The government of India will financially support the farmers to execute this scheme all over India. The government will provide a 60% subsidy and 30% loan on the total cost of solar pumps or tubewells.
3. Government of India will also provide subsidies to install state-of-the-art solar pumps. It holds a capacity of 720 MV which is expected to improve irrigation.
4. The solar plants will be set up on uncultivated land and the landholders can get a stable income by utilizing the lands.
5. The solar plants will be set up above a minimum height so that the farmers can continue cultivating after the installation of the plants.
6. It will increase the production of renewable energy and will maintain eco-friendly cultivation.

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FAQs on PM KUSUM Yojana:

1.What is PM KUSUM Yojana?
Ans. The PM KUSUM Yojana was launched in March 2019. It aims to promote solar energy and by 2022, it aims to produce solar energy and other renewable energy with a capacity of 25,750 MV.

2. When was PM KUSUM Yojana launched?
Ans. PM KUSUM Yojana was launched in March 2019, by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.

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