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‘Watson Assistant for Citizens’ to address COVID-19 queries

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IBM has introduced ‘Watson Assistant for Citizens’ in India free of cost to address COVID-19 queries. ‘Watson Assistant for Citizens’ is an Artificial Intelligence platform which provides reliable information on COVID-19 related queries. ‘Watson Assistant for Citizens’ unites Watson Assistant, Natural Language Processing as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI) search capabilities that helps in understanding and responding to common queries about COVID-19.

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‘Watson Assistant for Citizens’ uses the currently available data from external sources. These sources includes the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and other government sources, citizen welfare schemes in India along with global resources such as World Health Organization and US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

The AI-powered virtual agent ‘Watson Assistant for Citizens’ will be very useful for the governments in delivering accurate information to their citizens without overwhelming contact centres. To achieve this objective, the IBM Research has trained Watson Assistant in order to respond to queries in English as well as Hindi to enable various government agencies and departments to provide this service to its constituents.

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  • Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare: Harsh Vardhan.

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