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World Development Information Day observed on 24 October

World Development Information Day observed on 24 October_4.1

World Development Information Day 2022:

Every year the United Nations marks October 24 as World Development Information Day. This day is observed to create awareness towards the problems surrounding development in different nations and how to overcome them. The United Nations (UN) believes that such information and communications technologies also have the potential to provide solutions to various development challenges and can also foster various crucial goals, especially in developing countries.

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World Development Information Day: Significance

With many countries being burdened with insufficient resources, infrastructure, education, capacity, investment, and connectivity, World Development Information Day aims to address these issues. Spreading awareness and mobilizing public opinion to draw people’s support is one to start addressing and resolving these global problems.

However, as the world moves into an era with the heightened importance of technology, the divide between developed and developing countries continues to increase in terms of key developmental milestones.

World Development Information Day: History

It was in 1972 when the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) established the World Development Information Day in order to draw the attention of the world toward development problems and also to strengthen international cooperation. Notably, the date also coincides with United Nations Day which also falls on 24 October.

The Assembly, while establishing the date, also observed that World Development Information Day aims to improve the “dissemination of information and the mobilisation of public opinion, particularly among young people”. This would eventually lead to greater awareness about development and promotional efforts in the sphere of international cooperation for development.

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