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The World Happiness Report 2023: India ranked 126

The World Happiness Report 2023: India ranked 126_4.1

World Happiness Report 2023

The 2023 World Happiness Report has been released, and it shows that Finland remains the happiest country in the world for the sixth year in a row. Denmark, Iceland, Israel, and the Netherlands are the next happiest countries, with other European countries such as Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, and Luxembourg also making the top 10. The rankings are based on data from the main life evaluation question in the Gallup World Poll, which measures how happy citizens perceive themselves to be.

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Top 10 country in the list of 2023 World Happiness Report:

Rank Country
1 Finland
2 Denmark
3 Iceland
4 Israel
5 Netherlands
6 Sweden
7 Norway
8 Switzerland
9 Luxembourg
10 New Zealand
126 India

India’s position in the World Happiness Report?

India’s position in the World Happiness Report has improved from 136 to 126, although it is still behind its neighboring countries such as Nepal, China, and Bangladesh. Despite having the world’s fastest-growing economy, India’s ranking in the report has consistently been low, leading some to question how it can be ranked lower than countries in turmoil.

How Russia and Ukraine are ranked?

Despite the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, both countries rank higher than India in the World Happiness Report, with Russia ranked 70th and Ukraine ranked 92nd. The report indicates that both countries experienced increased levels of kindness in 2020 and 2021, but in 2022, Ukraine saw a sharp rise in benevolence while it declined in Russia.

Most unhappy countries of the world?

The World Happiness Report has ranked Afghanistan as the least happy country out of the 137 nations surveyed. The report also highlighted other nations such as Lebanon, Zimbabwe, and the Democratic Republic of Congo as being among the unhappiest countries, largely due to factors such as high levels of corruption and low life expectancy.

About the World Happiness Report:

The World Happiness Report is an annual report published by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network. It ranks countries based on how happy their citizens perceive themselves to be and provides analysis of the factors that contribute to happiness, such as income, social support, and life expectancy. The report is based predominantly on data from the main life evaluation question in the Gallup World Poll. The first report was published in 2012 and it has been released annually since then, typically in March.

The World Happiness Report assesses happiness levels across the world based on various criteria, including both domestic and global factors. Although India has improved its ranking in the report, it still remains quite low compared to many neighboring countries. The report gauges happiness based on feedback from a nationally representative sample of individuals regarding their current life satisfaction levels.

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