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PM Modi participates in ‘Summit For Democracy’

PM Modi participates in 'Summit For Democracy'_4.1

US President Joe Biden is hosting the first of two Summits for Democracy, which takes place virtually between December 9–10. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi virtually addressed the summit saying that ‘democratic spirit’ and ‘pluralistic ethos’ are ingrained in Indians. A total of 100 nations participated in this ‘Summit for Democracy’.

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Even Ukraine and Taiwan were invited to the summit but Russia and China were not. Both these countries released a joint statement in which they said that the US is displaying a “Cold-War mentality” that will “stoke up ideological confrontation and a rift in the world”.

PM Modi highlights in the summit:

  • In his address, PM Modi highlighted India’s civilisational ethos as one of the original sources of democracy. He outlined sensitivity, accountability, participation, and reform orientation as four pillars of Indian democratic governance, stressing that principles of democracy should also guide global governance.
  • India’s Prime Minister also recalled that 75 years ago, India’s Constituent Assembly had held its first session. He said how democratic countries must deliver on values enshrined in their respective constitutions.

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PM Modi participates in 'Summit For Democracy'_5.1

PM Modi holds India-Russia Summit 2021_90.1

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