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10-day Long Budha Amarnath Yatra Begins In Jammu

In a display of grandeur and deep religious devotion, the Jammu and Kashmir administration inaugurated the yearly Budha Amarnath Yatra across the rolling terrains of Poonch district. The pilgrimage, spanning over a period of 10 days, is a journey of profound significance for devotees seeking blessings from Lord Shiva.

Budha Amarnath Yatra: A Convergence of Devotees Embracing Security and Serenity

  • The Budha Amarnath Yatra acts as a gathering point for devotees originating from various corners of India, serving as a representation of the country’s diverse and harmoniously intertwined spiritual tapestry. The program extends a warm reception to pilgrims from diverse walks of life, fostering a collective sense of purpose and unity.
  • Stringent security measures have been thoughtfully implemented across the Rajouri and Poonch districts, meticulously designed to safeguard pilgrims and ensure an undisturbed pilgrimage journey.
  • Every conceivable precaution has been taken by the authorities to forestall any adverse incidents, culminating in a serene and incident-free yatra. Moreover, comprehensive arrangements for accommodation and boarding have been scrupulously orchestrated, guaranteeing a comfortable sojourn for the pilgrims.

Budha Amarnath Temple: A Shrine of Centuries-old Reverence

  • The centerpiece of the Budha Amarnath Yatra is the revered Budha Amarnath Temple, nestled in the Rajpura village of Mandi tehsil in Poonch. This ancient temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, holds deep historical and spiritual significance. It is among the oldest shrines in the Jammu region, drawing throngs of devotees each year during the yatra.
  • The temple’s mystical allure is enhanced by its proximity to the sacred River Pulsata. Pilgrims partake in a purifying bath in the river before proceeding to the temple, believing in the sanctity of the ritual. The pilgrimage culminates with the arrival of the ‘Charri Mubarak‘ (holy mace) at the shrine from Dashnami Akhara Poonch, marking the completion of the yatra.

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