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100-Year-Old Diver Performs At The 2024 World Championships In Doha


Taghi Askar, a 100-year-old diver from the Islamic Republic of Iran, made waves at the Diving World Championships in Doha as he wiped away tears of gratitude and emotion for the overwhelming support he received. Despite his age, Askar took the plunge from the 1m platform, showcasing his passion for diving and promoting the upcoming World Aquatics Masters Championships at the Hamad Aquatics Centre.

A Dive Through Time: Askar’s Career

Having claimed silver and bronze medals at the inaugural Asian Games in New Delhi in 1951, it has been an astonishing 73 years since Askar first tasted success in the world of diving. His career, spanning nearly six decades, came to an end 59 years ago, leaving the sport on a triumphant note with a gold medal at the national level.

The Emotional Dive and Recognition: Askar’s Moment

After completing his dive in front of the present-day elite, Askar was moved to tears once again. The emotional highlight came when World Aquatics President Captain Husain Al Musallam awarded him a medal, symbolizing recognition for his lifelong dedication to the sport. The crowd’s enthusiastic support echoed around the Hamad Aquatics Centre.

Askar’s Dive into History and the Future

Taghi Askar’s emotional return to the Diving World Championships is not just a personal triumph but a testament to the timeless love for sports. As he prepares to participate in the World Aquatics Masters Championships, Askar’s journey becomes a bridge between the rich history of diving and the promising future of aquatics. His story will undoubtedly inspire generations to come, proving that age is no barrier when the heart is fueled by passion.

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