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8-Year-Old From Singapore Beats Polish Grandmaster, Sets Record

An eight-year-old chess prodigy from Singapore has made headlines by achieving a remarkable feat in the world of chess. In a gripping three-hour game at Switzerland’s Burgdorfer Stadthaus-Open, Ashwath Kaushik emerged victorious against the seasoned Polish grandmaster Jacek Stopa, securing his place in history as the youngest chess player to defeat a grandmaster.

The Record-Breaking Game

  • Ashwath Kaushik, at the age of eight years and six months, shattered the previous age record set merely days before his triumph.
  • Previous record holder, Leonid Ivanovic from Serbia, aged eight years and eleven months, had recently defeated the Bulgarian Milko Popchev, aged 59.

Ashwath Kaushik’s Triumph

  • The victory brought Ashwath not just joy but immense pride. He currently holds a FIDE ranking of 37,338 globally.
  • Hailing from India but residing in Singapore for the past seven years, Ashwath’s journey into the world of chess began at a tender age.
  • He attributes his love for the game to its stimulating nature, emphasizing the mental agility and strategic thinking it demands.

Inspiring the Future of Chess

  • Ashwath Kaushik’s triumph serves as a testament to the limitless potential of young talents in the world of chess.
  • His historic victory not only showcases his exceptional skill but also inspires aspiring players worldwide to pursue their passion for the game with determination and perseverance.
  • As the chess world continues to witness the rise of prodigies like Ashwath, the future of the game shines bright with promise and excitement.


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