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Acclaimed writer Abhay K’s new book on Nalanda to be published by Penguin

Poet-diplomat Abhay K’s book ‘Nalanda’, the acquisition of which has been announced by Penguin Random House India, delves into the history of the ancient seat of learning in Bihar. The award-winning poet and writer Abhay K’s new book, titled Nalanda is his highly anticipated book which is set to take readers on an enlightening journey through time and history. The book is scheduled to release in October next year in 2024 from the Vintage imprint.

Nalanda offers a vivid and passionate account of the remarkable story of one of the world’s greatest centres of knowledge and learning. Abhay K masterfully weaves together historical facts and a narrative flair to transport readers to the prehistoric city of Rajgir, the birthplace of Brihadratha and Jarasandha, which later evolved into the powerful empire of Magadh.

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About the book Nalanda

  • Abhay K, through the book, invites readers to uncover the extraordinary journey of the fabled Mahavihara of Nalanda–the world’s first university–through painstaking research and captivating narrative.
  • From its inception to its unfortunate destruction and its subsequent resurrection in the 21st century as Nalanda University, the book unravels the extraordinary tale of this iconic institution.
  • Furthermore, it also explores the invaluable contributions made by luminaries from Nalanda who revolutionized various fields, such as mathematics, philosophy, poetry, logic, and more.
  • While the book will resonate with readers from all domains, offering them a fascinating glimpse into the past, it will also delight history enthusiasts interested in ancient civilizations, and individuals eager to delve into the fascinating story of Nalanda and its significance in the world’s educational and intellectual history.

Who is Abhay K?

Notably, Abhay K is the author of several poetry books, including Celestial, Stray Poems, Monsoon, The Magic of Madagascar and The Alphabets of Latin America. He is also the editor of half a dozen books including The Book of Bihari Literature.

His poems have appeared in over a hundred literary magazines, including the Poetry Salzburg Review and Asia Literary Review. His poem ‘Earth Anthem’ has been translated into over 150 languages. He received the SAARC Literary Award (2013) and was invited to record his poems at the Library of Congress, Washington, DC, in 2018. His translations of Kalidasa’s Meghadutam and Ritusamharam from Sanskrit won him the KLF Poetry Book of the Year Award (2020-21).

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Acclaimed writer Abhay K's new book on Nalanda to be published by Penguin_4.1

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