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Air India to Set Up South Asia’s Largest Flight Training School in Amravati

Air India is establishing South Asia’s largest flight training school in Maharashtra’s Amravati district with an investment of over ₹200 crore. Scheduled to open in the first quarter of the next financial year, this initiative aims to secure a steady pipeline of pilots for the airline, which will require 500-700 pilots annually to support its expansion plans following a mega order of 470 Airbus and Boeing aircraft in 2023.

Partnership and Infrastructure

In partnership with Maharashtra Airport Development Company (MADC), Air India has leased a 10-acre plot in Amravati for thirty years. The facility will feature 31 single-engine Piper aircraft and three twin-engine Diamond aircraft, training 180 commercial pilots annually. The infrastructure includes a newly extended runway of 1,850 metres, modern navigation aids, and night landing facilities. Amravati offers over 300 days of clean visibility, optimizing conditions for pilot training.

Significance for Indian Aviation

Campbell Wilson, MD & CEO of Air India, highlighted that the Amravati flying training organization marks a significant step towards self-reliance in Indian aviation. The school aims to provide more opportunities for Indian youth to pursue careers as pilots. Despite there being over 34 approved training schools in India, 40% of pilots currently complete their training overseas. This initiative addresses the gap, contributing to the nation’s aviation self-sufficiency.

Supporting Government Vision

Sunil Bhaskaran, Director of the Aviation Academy at Air India, expressed the company’s commitment to supporting the government’s vision for an Atmanirbhar Bharat. By enhancing India’s aviation infrastructure, Air India aims to meet the needs of one of the world’s fastest-growing aviation markets. The airline currently operates a fleet of around 140 aircraft and has hired over a thousand pilots in the past two years.

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