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All India Police Science Congress Kicked Off In Dehradun Today


The 49th All India Police Science Congress (AIPSC) organized by the Uttarakhand Police commenced today, October 7th at the Forest Research Institute in Dehradun. With the theme of “Policing in Amrit Kaal,” this annual event, held under the auspices of the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D), promises to be a platform for insightful discussions on various aspects of modern policing. The event will be graced by Union Home Minister Amit Shah as the Chief Guest and Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami as the Guest of Honor.

Exploring Crucial Themes

The 49th AIPSC selected six compelling themes for discussion, each addressing vital challenges and developments in contemporary policing:

1. Policing in the 5G Era

The advent of 5G technology brings both opportunities and challenges for law enforcement agencies. This theme delves into the implications of 5G technology on policing and public safety.

2. Narcotics: A Game-Changing Approach

The fight against narcotics demands innovative approaches. Experts will discuss the evolving landscape of narcotics control and strategies to combat drug-related crimes.

3. Coordination between Police and Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFS)

Efficient coordination between the police and CAPFS is essential for maintaining law and order. This theme will explore ways to enhance cooperation and synergy between these vital forces.

4. National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)

The NCRB plays a pivotal role in crime data collection and analysis. Discussions will revolve around the NCRB’s role in shaping law enforcement policies and strategies.

5. Internal Security & Social Media Challenges

In an era of social media, maintaining internal security presents unique challenges. Experts will analyze the impact of social media on security and explore strategies to address emerging threats.

6. Community Policing

Community policing fosters trust and collaboration between law enforcement and the community. This theme will discuss best practices and innovative approaches to community policing.

Comprehensive Sessions and Dialogue

Each theme will feature dedicated sessions, breakout sessions, and related presentations, resulting in a total of nine sessions. Papers will be presented in each session, and moderators will provide their perspectives, considering all aspects of the theme.

Additionally, the congress will delve into the Action Taken Report (ATR) of the 48th AIPSC. The event will conclude with an open discussion on the relevant themes, and resolutions will be passed to serve as guiding points for future policing efforts.

Leveraging Technology

The 49th AIPSC is embracing technology for its management, showcasing its forward-thinking approach. An event invitation management system has been created for the Uttarakhand Police to streamline operations. Several security measures have been put in place to ensure the security and confidentiality of event data.

Technical Exhibition

To showcase modern technology and innovations in policing, a technical exhibition will run concurrently during the congress. This exhibition will feature 30 stalls displaying state-of-the-art equipment aimed at enhancing law enforcement capabilities.

The Uttarakhand Police, through the Cyber Crime Police Station and SDRF, will also have their respective stalls to share their expertise and achievements. Students from various schools and colleges in Dehradun have been invited to the technical exhibition to foster interest in law enforcement technology.

BPR&D’s Ongoing Commitment

The Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D), established in New Delhi in 1970, continues its commitment to assist police agencies in improving their fundamental structures, human resources, and processes. Organizing events like the AIPSC is part of BPR&D’s annual activities, providing a valuable platform for police officers of all ranks, technical experts, and forensic specialists to actively participate and contribute to discussions.


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