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Amazon launches ‘AmazeWIT Circles’ to upskill women in technology

Amazon India has launched ‘AmazeWIT Circles’, to reiterate its commitment to upskilling and providing meaningful career opportunities to women in the technology space. The ‘AmazeWIT Circles’ is a dedicated networking event to educate women and make them industry ready for careers in technology.

The ‘AmazeWIT Circles’ is curated for tenured Software Development Engineers and is led by technology leaders at Amazon who cover topics relevant to technical upliftment and sustained career development.

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Key Points related to ‘AmazeWIT Circles’

  • The ‘AmazeWIT Circles’ is a cohort-based connect that helps women to refine their skills and address the challenges faced by working women.
  • The ‘AmazeWIT Circles’ program includes leadership sessions from technical experts at Amazon and women leaders.
  • The program focuses on topics ranging from data structures, coding, algorithms, and more.
  • Women will also women Amazonians to emulate and carry forward in their careers.

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