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Angela Merkel awarded UNESCO Peace Prize in Ivory Coast

Angela Merkel awarded UNESCO Peace Prize

For her assistance to refugees in Germany, former German chancellor Angela Merkel was awarded the UNESCO peace prize. According to Politico, the former German leader received the UN prize for her choice to accept the refugees into German territory back in 2015.

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The occasion took place in Yamoussoukro, the capital of the Ivory Coast, where the chancellor received the “Felix Houphout-Boigny UNESCO Peace Prize.” Merkel thanked the jurors and spoke about the fate of Ukrainian refugees in her acceptance speech.

Angela Merkel awarded UNESCO Peace Prize: Key Points

  • The 68-year-old lawmaker was complimented for her work by the award jury’s president, Denis Mukwege, a year prior to receiving the honour.
  • Her selfless choice in 2015 to accept more than 1,2 million refugees, particularly those from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Eritrea, moved every jury member.
  • She leaves behind a legacy like this. The former German Chancellor conveyed her appreciation for the honour.
  • In her acceptance address, Merkel emphasised how crucial it is now more than ever to work tirelessly and resolutely for peace.
  • She continued by quoting Houphout-Boigny, the Ivory Coast’s first president following its independence in 1960.
  • Merkel continued, “Dialogue is the weapon of the strong and not the weak.”

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UNESCO Peace Prize Winner Angela Merkel’s Work

2015 saw a severe refugee crisis on the European continent as refugees from Syria and other middle eastern and African nations flooded into various European nations. Merkel implemented a “open-door” refugee policy in Germany, while the leaders of Europe began to close their doors to the fleeing refugees.

UNESCO Peace Prize Winner Angela Merkel
UNESCO Peace Prize Winner Angela Merkel

Following the announcement, some 500,000 people sought for refuge in Berlin, and another 750,000 did so the year after, according to DW. While the political opposition to Merkel criticised the decision and voiced concerns about burdening the country, Markel stood her ground, making Germany one of the only nations in Europe with a liberal refugee policy.

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