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Arunachal Pradesh And NTCA Partners To Form STPF

The Arunachal Pradesh government recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) to establish the state’s first Special Tiger Protection Force (STPF). This move aims to bolster conservation efforts and protect the tiger population within the state.

Establishing the Special Tiger Protection Force

Arunachal Pradesh, known for its biodiversity, is home to three tiger reserves: Namdapha, Kamlang, and Pakke. However, despite these reserves, the state lacked a dedicated force for tiger protection. With the signing of the MoU, a specialized force comprising 336 personnel will now be deployed across these reserves.

Funding Support and Deployment Strategy

Under the terms of the MoU, the NTCA has committed to providing financial assistance for the establishment, equipping, and deployment of the STPF. This funding will be split with 90% provided by the central government and 10% by the state government. Each tiger reserve will host 112 personnel, ensuring comprehensive coverage and protection.

Addressing Declining Tiger Population

The urgency for such measures was underscored by the concerning decline in tiger numbers revealed by the 2022 tiger census. From 29 tigers in 2018, the population dwindled to a mere nine in 2022 across the three reserves. This decline raised alarm bells and highlighted the pressing need for conservation efforts.

Objectives of the Special Tiger Protection Force

The primary mandate of the STPF will be to safeguard the assets of the Environment, Forest, and Climate Change department, particularly within the tiger reserves. This includes preventing poaching activities targeting tigers and other wildlife species. By enhancing surveillance and enforcement, the force aims to curb illegal activities posing threats to the region’s biodiversity.

Government Commitment and Prior Approvals

The establishment of the STPF underscores the commitment of the Arunachal Pradesh government to prioritize wildlife conservation. The decision to create this specialized force was preceded by approval from the state cabinet, aligning with the guidelines set forth by the NTCA. This effort signifies a proactive approach towards addressing the challenges faced in tiger conservation.


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