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“World’s First AI Dress” With Robotic Snakes, Internet Reacts

A Google employee recently created the “world’s first AI dress” and it has astonished many on the internet. Christina Ernst, a software engineer at the tech giant and the Founder of SheBuildsRobots.org, a platform which aims to educate girls on building robots, shared a clip of her creation which has robotic snakes attached to it to detect faces.

World’s first AI Dress

The piece, known as the “Medusa dress” is black with three golden-coloured snakes around her waist and one large robotic snake around her neck. Ms Ernst said in the clip, “I engineered this robotic snake dress and it’s finally done. I coded an optional mode that uses artificial intelligence to detect faces and move the snake head towards the person looking at you. So maybe this is the world’s first AI dress? Surveillance state, but make it fashion.” The engineer also displayed some of her failed prototypes and revealed how she programmed the snake to identify and detect faces. She has also previously shared various Instagram reels showing the process of creating various components of the dress.


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