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Bajaj Rolls Out World’s First CNG Bike, Gadkari Hails It as ‘Eco-friendly’ and ‘Sustainable’

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari launched Bajaj Auto’s new bike, Freedom, the world’s first CNG motorcycle. He praised it as “eco-friendly” and “sustainable,” highlighting the significant issues of air, sound, and water pollution, and the high cost of fossil fuel imports in India.

Innovation and Impact

Gadkari called the bike a “groundbreaking innovation” on social media, emphasizing its potential for substantial savings in operating costs and pollution reduction. He expressed confidence in India’s automobile industry, predicting it will become the world’s second-largest in five years.

Features and Specifications

Cost Savings and Comfort

Freedom promises to halve daily riding expenses and features the segment’s most spacious seat for superior comfort.

Suspension and Auxiliary Tank

The bike includes a mono-linked suspension system for smooth rides on bumpy roads and a 2-litre auxiliary petrol tank for added convenience.

CNG Capacity and Range

It has a 12.5-litre (2 kg) CNG cylinder with a range of 100 km/kg, and users can switch between CNG and petrol modes via a switch on the left handlebar.

Design and Safety

Engine and Cooling

The engine is specifically designed for CNG, with tailored piston shapes and larger cooling jets and fins to manage engine temperature.

Safety Features

The trellis frame protects the CNG tank, supplemented by an additional tank shield. The bike underwent rigorous safety testing, including impact tests and extreme scenarios, ensuring compliance with government safety standards.

Pricing and Availability


The ex-showroom price starts at Rs 1.10 lakh.


Available in Caribbean Blue, Ebony Black, Cyber White, Racing Red, and Pewter Grey.

Bajaj Rolls Out World's First CNG Bike, Gadkari Hails It as 'Eco-friendly' and 'Sustainable'_4.1