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Bihar Police to Launch ‘Mission Investigation@75 days’ from January 1, 2024


In a significant move, the Bihar Police has announced the implementation of ‘Mission Investigation@75 Days,’ aiming to streamline and expedite the criminal justice process in the state. Starting from January 1 next year, investigators will be mandated to complete the investigation of cases within 75 days of the registration of First Information Reports (FIRs).

Key Features of “Mission Investigation@75 Days”

  • The initiative aims to ensure that investigations, including the filing of chargesheets, are concluded within 75 days of the registration of FIRs.
  • The Additional Director General (ADG) of Bihar Police, JS Gangwar, emphasized the importance of timely investigations, stating that unnecessary delays contradict legal principles.
  • Performance reviews of all police stations and district police will be conducted on a monthly basis, starting from January 1.

Accountability Measures Set to Improve Policing Standards

To enhance accountability and efficiency, the performances of all police stations and district police will undergo monthly reviews starting January 1, 2024. This proactive approach by the Bihar government reflects a commitment to making the state police force more people-friendly and accountable.

Focus on Quality Investigation

Highlighting the primary objective of the initiative, Additional Director General (ADG) of Bihar Police (Headquarters) J S Gangwar emphasized the need to improve the quality of investigations. The ‘Mission Investigation@75 Days’ is designed to ensure that investigations, including the filing of chargesheets, are completed within the stipulated time frame, with a focus on avoiding unnecessary delays.

Addressing Legal Principles and Delays

ADG Gangwar stressed the importance of adhering to legal principles and minimizing delays in the submission of chargesheets. He emphasized that any delay in this process goes against the principles of law, and the new initiative aims to rectify such issues, contributing to a more effective and streamlined criminal justice system.

Adapting to New Legislation

The Bihar Police is also gearing up for significant changes in the criminal justice system following the recent gazette notification by the central government. Three new bills, aimed at replacing the Indian Penal Code (IPC), Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), and Evidence Act, have been approved by Parliament. ADG Gangwar highlighted the need for additional infrastructural facilities, software updates, and training to effectively implement these new laws.

Overhauling Criminal Laws

The recent approval of three bills by Parliament signals a comprehensive overhaul of colonial-era criminal laws. The new legislation introduces more stringent punishments for crimes such as terrorism, lynching, and offenses endangering national security. Bihar Police’s commitment to bringing radical changes aligns with the evolving legal landscape, emphasizing the importance of staying abreast of legislative updates for effective law enforcement.

Important Questions Related to Exams

Q1. What is Bihar Police’s new initiative, and when does it start?
Sol. Bihar Police launches “Mission Investigation@75 Days” on January 1, mandating investigators to complete cases within 75 days.

Q2. What are the key features of “Mission Investigation@75 Days”?
Sol. Ensures investigations and chargesheets are completed within 75 days, emphasizing timely processes and monthly performance reviews.

Q3. How does Bihar plan to improve policing standards and accountability?
Sol. Monthly reviews of police stations and district police performances from January 1, 2024, aim to enhance accountability and efficiency.

Q4. What is the primary focus of the initiative according to ADG Gangwar?
Sol. ADG Gangwar emphasizes improving investigation quality, ensuring timely completion, and avoiding unnecessary delays.


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