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BRO Initiates Construction of World’s Highest Motorable Road in Eastern Ladakh

The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) has embarked on a groundbreaking project to construct the ‘Likaru-Mig La-Fukche’ road in the Demchok sector of Ladakh. This strategic road will establish the world’s highest motorable road, spanning an altitude of approximately 19,400 feet, surpassing the previous record held by Umling La Pass. The initiative was launched on India’s 77th Independence Day, signifying its significance for national security.

Here are the key details of this remarkable undertaking:

  1. Enhanced Connectivity to Remote Military Outposts: Spanning a length of 64 kilometers, the ‘Likaru-Mig La-Fukche’ road will connect crucial military outposts in the sensitive Fukche sector. Of particular strategic importance, Fukche is situated a mere three kilometers away from the contested Line of Actual Control (LAC). The road’s construction is expected to bolster communication and accessibility to these remote military installations, thereby reinforcing national security.

  2. Breaking Previous Records: The construction of the ‘Likaru-Mig La-Fukche’ road will witness the BRO breaking its own record for the highest motorable road. By surpassing the altitude of 19,024 feet at the existing world record holder, Umling La in Ladakh, the BRO once again demonstrates its engineering prowess and commitment to enhancing the region’s connectivity and accessibility.
  3. Women-Led Construction Efforts: An inspiring and trailblazing initiative, an all-woman unit of the BRO has taken the lead in constructing the Likaru-Mig La-Fukche road. Headed by Colonel Ponung Doming, a team of five women combat engineers has assumed the supervisory role for this ambitious project. This progressive approach not only highlights gender inclusivity but also showcases the expertise and capabilities of women in high-stakes construction endeavors.
  4. Concurrent Key Projects: In addition to the ‘Likaru-Mig La-Fukche’ road, the BRO is simultaneously engaged in two other noteworthy projects. The first involves the construction of the Shinku La tunnel, a vital passageway connecting Manali to Leh via Zanskar. This tunnel is anticipated to break China’s MiLa tunnel record upon completion. The second project is the construction of the ‘Nyoma Airfield,’ located in Eastern Ladakh. Once finished, this airfield will stand as one of the world’s highest airfields, underscoring the BRO’s dedication to facilitating both ground and air connectivity in the region.

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