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BSF Organises “Grow with the Trees” Plantation Drive in Srinagar

The Border Security Force (BSF), in collaboration with the State Bank of India (SBI), organized the “Grow with the Trees” plantation drive at the BSF Headquarters in Srinagar. The initiative aimed to create a greener environment and promote the importance of tree plantation, involving BSF officials, jawans, SBI officials, and school children.

Purpose and Participation

The drive aimed to foster a sense of community and teamwork while addressing environmental sustainability. It saw participation from BSF officials, jawans, SBI officials, and school children, all contributing to make the BSF Headquarters and school premises greener.

Statements from Officials

Commanding Officer Rajive Barduwaj highlighted the significance of the plantation drive in combating global warming and enhancing the campus’s greenery. He emphasized the broader impact of such initiatives across BSF campuses, even in arid regions like Rajasthan. Barduwaj noted the critical role of every individual in planting trees to help reduce rising temperatures.

SBI Branch Manager Nishan Sinhi echoed the importance of environmental responsibility. He mentioned SBI’s commitment to organizing tree plantation drives nationwide, reflecting the bank’s dedication to serving the country and the environment.

Outcome and Future Efforts

The plantation drive resulted in numerous trees being planted, with a commitment to maintaining a green and healthy environment in the area. The initiative showcased the positive impact of collaboration between different organizations for a common cause.

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