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CEO Tavares Marks a New Era for Stellantis in India

In a recent media interaction, Stellantis N.V. CEO Carlos Tavares highlighted the strategic importance of India in the company’s global operations and outlined his vision for the country as part of the Dare Forward 2030 global strategic plan. The merged companies that formed Stellantis have invested over $1 billion since 2015 to establish a sustainable footprint in India, aligning with the Government of India’s “Make in India” initiative led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Stellantis’ Commitment to India

Stellantis is committed to growing and strengthening its presence in India, considering it a key pillar of its global ambition under the Dare Forward 2030 plan. Carlos Tavares expressed pride in the 2,500 employees in India who contribute to making Stellantis a significant player, offering clean, safe and affordable mobility solutions for Indian customers.

Strategic Investments and Operations in India

Stellantis currently operates three manufacturing plants in Ranjangaon, Hosur and Thiruvallur, an ICT Hub in Hyderabad, a Software Centre in Bengaluru, and two R&D centers in Chennai and Pune. The Digital Hub in India has evolved into one of the largest in-house ICT and digital organizations within Stellantis. These facilities play a crucial role in contributing to Stellantis’ global software development and sourcing hub for vehicles, components and mobility technologies.

Role of India in Stellantis’ Global Operations

India serves as the heart of Stellantis ICT, and with its diverse talent base and demonstrated R&D and engineering expertise, it occupies a central position in the company’s global operations. The manufacturing and R&D bases in India are not only producing and exporting components and vehicles for markets outside India but are increasingly becoming sources for engines, gearboxes and components for global markets.

“Make in India” Offensive

Stellantis is actively pursuing its “Make in India” offensive, making India the only country outside North America to locally produce four Jeep nameplates (Wrangler, Compass, Meridian and Grand Cherokee) and the Citroen C5 Aircross outside France. The company plans to launch new products in 2022, including the Jeep Meridian, the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the new Citroen C3, designed developed and manufactured in India for both the domestic and export markets.

Ambitions for the Indian Supplier Base

As part for its broader ambition, Stellantis aims to develop its Indian supplier base to meet global quality standards, thereby enhancing India’s competitiveness in the global automotive ecosystem.

Important Questions Related to Exams

Q1. What is the strategic importance of India in Stellantis’ global operations?

Sol. India holds strategic importance in Stellantis’ global operations, aligning with the Dare Farewell 2030 plan and the “Make in India” initiative, with over $1 billion invested since 2015.

Q2. How many employees contribute to Stellantis’ operations in India?

Sol. 2,500 employees in India contribute to Stellantis, playing a key role in providing clean, safe and affordable mobility solutions for Indian customers.

Q3. What key facilities does Stellantis operate in India?

Sol. Stellantis operates three manufacturing plants, an ICT Hub, a Software Centre and two R&D centers in Ranjangaon, Hosur, Thiruvallur, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune, respectively.

Q4. What is Stellantis’ “Make in India” offensive achieving?

Sol. Stellantis is making India the only country outside North America to locally produce four Jeep nameplates and the Citroen C5 Aircross, with plans to launch new products in 2022 for both domestic and export markets.

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