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Chandrababu Naidu Reaffirms Amaravati as Sole Capital of Andhra Pradesh

A day before his swearing-in as the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, TDP supremo N Chandrababu Naidu on Tuesday announced that Amaravati will be the sole capital of the state.

Chandrababu Naidu made this announcement, addressing a joint meeting of TDP, BJP, and Janasena legislators, where he was unanimously elected as NDA leader in the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly.

Amaravati: The Undisputed Capital City

“In our government, there will be no games under the guise of three capitals. Our capital is Amaravati. Amaravati is the capital,” asserted Chandrababu Naidu.

As the first chief minister of bifurcated Andhra Pradesh between 2014 and 2019, he had floated the idea of Amaravati as the capital city.

Revival of Amaravati Capital Plans

However, this brainchild of Chandrababu Naidu suffered a setback in 2019 when the TDP lost power, and Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy-led YSRCP won a landslide victory.

Mr. Reddy poured cold water on the Amaravati capital city plans and propounded a new theory of three capitals, which Chandrababu Naidu has now replaced with the decision to have a single capital.

Landslide Victory Breathes New Life into Amaravati Project

The NDA alliance of TDP, BJP, and Janasena won a landslide victory in the recently concluded simultaneous Lok Sabha and assembly elections in the state with a brute majority of 164 assembly and 21 Lok Sabha seats.

The triumph has breathed new life into the Amaravati capital city project, which was previously met with uncertainty and opposition.

A Unified Vision for Andhra Pradesh’s Capital

Chandrababu Naidu’s decisive announcement reaffirms the TDP‘s commitment to establishing Amaravati as the undisputed capital city of Andhra Pradesh. With the strong mandate from the people, the newly elected government is poised to resume the development of Amaravati, ensuring a unified vision for the state’s administrative and economic hub.

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