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Which District of Uttar Pradesh is Known as “City of Knives”?

India is the seventh-largest country in the world by area, encompassing a vast 3,287,263 square kilometers. Within this expanse, Uttar Pradesh stands out as the fourth-largest state in India, covering an area of 240,928 square kilometers. Known for its rich culture and unique traditions, Uttar Pradesh attracts numerous domestic and international tourists each year. Among its 75 districts, one district is famously known as the “Knife City.” This article delves into why Rampur holds this distinctive title.

An Overview of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh, with its 75 districts, is the state with the highest number of districts in India. These districts are organized into 18 divisions. The state also boasts 17 municipal corporations, 822 community development blocks, 350 tehsils (as of 2018), 59,163 village panchayats, 437 town panchayats, and 198 municipal councils (as of 2018). Each district has its own unique identity and contributes to the state’s diverse cultural fabric.

Which District of Uttar Pradesh is Known as “City of Knives”?

Rampur is a district in Uttar Pradesh that has earned the moniker “Knife City.” This nickname does not carry any negative connotations. Instead, it highlights Rampur’s renowned knife industry, which has a rich history dating back to the princely state era.

Historical Significance of Rampur

Rampur’s association with knives dates back to the time of its nawabs. The district is famous not only for its nawabs and cultural landmarks like the Raza Library and the observatory but also for its high-quality knives. The term “Rampuri” became synonymous with these knives, often mentioned in old Bollywood movies to denote a particular type of knife.

The Craftsmanship of Rampur Knives

The knife industry in Rampur is known for its skilled craftsmanship. Artisans in Rampur have been making knives for generations, using traditional methods passed down through the years. The knives are not just functional tools but also works of art, showcasing intricate designs and superior quality.

The World’s Largest Knife

One of Rampur’s most remarkable features is the presence of the world’s largest knife. This giant knife, measuring 6.10 meters in length, is displayed at a prominent intersection in Rampur. Created at a cost of over 5.2 million rupees, it symbolizes the district’s unique identity and its historical significance in knife-making.

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