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cVIGIL: ECI’s App to Monitor Elections

The Election Commission of India (ECI) is keeping a close watch on the election process through the cVIGIL app. The app allows citizens to report violations of the Model Code of Conduct and election expenditures by capturing photos and videos. Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar said that cVIGIL empowers citizens to report violations, with assured action within 100 minutes.

How cVIGIL Works

  • cVIGIL is a user-friendly app that connects vigilant citizens with the District Control RoomReturning Officer, and Flying Squads Teams.
  • Citizens can immediately report incidents of political misconduct through the app without having to visit the Returning Officer’s office.
  • Upon sending a complaint, the user receives a unique ID to track the status of their complaint on their mobile.

Streamlining Complaint Resolution

  • The app aims to streamline the process of recording, reporting, and resolving violations of the Model Code of Conduct.
  • It serves as a single platform for citizens to flag any irregularities or code violations during the election process.
  • With cVIGIL, the ECI hopes to ensure a free and fair election by addressing complaints swiftly and transparently.

Leveraging Technology for Better Governance

  • The introduction of cVIGIL reflects the ECI’s commitment to leveraging technology for better governance and transparency.
  • The app encourages active citizen participation in the electoral process, fostering a more robust and accountable democracy.
  • By empowering citizens to report violations, the ECI aims to uphold the integrity of the election process and ensure a level playing field for all stakeholders.

Enhancing Accountability and Trust

  • With cVIGIL, the ECI seeks to enhance accountability and build trust among citizens regarding the fairness of the electoral process.
  • The app’s swift response mechanism and transparent complaint-tracking system aim to instil confidence in the public and ensure a credible election.
  • By encouraging citizen participation and addressing grievances promptly, the ECI aims to strengthen the democratic fabric of the nation.

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