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Dhirendra Ojha Appointed Principal Spokesperson of Government

In a significant move to strengthen the government’s communication strategy, senior Indian Information Service (IIS) officer Dhirendra K Ojha has been appointed as the principal spokesperson of the central government. This appointment marks an important day in the realm of government communications, as it brings fresh leadership to crucial information dissemination roles.

A New Voice for the Government

Dhirendra K Ojha, a seasoned 1990-batch IIS officer, will now be the face and voice of the central government’s communications. His appointment comes with the additional responsibility of serving as the principal director general of the Press Information Bureau (PIB). This dual role positions Ojha at the forefront of government-media relations and public information dissemination.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Acting as the principal spokesperson for the central government
  • Overseeing operations of the Press Information Bureau
  • Coordinating with various ministries and departments for effective communication

Passing the Torch: A Smooth Transition

Ojha takes over from Sheyphali B Sharan, who held the position of principal director general of PIB since April 1, 2023. Sharan, also a 1990-batch IIS officer, has now been entrusted with a new role as the director general of the Publications Division. This transition ensures continuity in leadership while bringing fresh perspectives to different departments.

Experienced Hands at the Helm

Dhirendra K Ojha: A Seasoned Communicator

Before his current appointment, Ojha served as the director general of the Central Bureau of Communications (CBC). His experience in this role has equipped him with valuable insights into the government’s advertising strategies and media advisory functions. This background is expected to enhance his effectiveness in his new position as the government’s chief spokesperson.

Previous Role Highlights:

  • Overseeing government advertising campaigns
  • Providing media strategy advice to various government bodies
  • Coordinating communication efforts across central government organizations

YK Baweja: New Leadership for CBC

As Ojha moves to his new role, YK Baweja steps in to fill the vacancy at the Central Bureau of Communications. Baweja, who previously served as a PIB Director General, will now lead the CBC. This appointment ensures that the important work of the CBC continues under experienced leadership.

CBC’s Key Functions:

  • Managing advertising for all central government organizations
  • Serving as an advisory body on media strategy
  • Coordinating communication efforts across various government departments

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