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Dr. Arpit Chopra Receives Prestigious Excellence Award for Pioneering Work in Homeopathy

In a significant recognition of his contributions to alternative medicine, Dr. Arpit Chopra, a distinguished homoeopathic practitioner, was bestowed with the Excellence Award at the NDTV MSMES (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) Summit held in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The award ceremony, which took place at the Marriott Hotel, saw the presence of several high-ranking state officials and industry leaders.

Award Ceremony Highlights

The summit, organized by NDTV, one of India’s leading news networks, brought together entrepreneurs, policymakers, and innovators from across Madhya Pradesh. The event was graced by:

  • Dr. Mohan Yadav, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh
  • Rajendra Shukla, Deputy Chief Minister
  • Chaitanya Kashyap, MSMES Minister
  • Anurag Dwari, Head of NDTV Channel

Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav personally presented the Excellence Award to Dr. Arpit Chopra, recognizing his outstanding contributions to the field of homeopathy and his commitment to public health.

Dr. Arpit Chopra: A Pioneer in Homeopathy

Background and Achievements

Dr. Arpit Chopra has established himself as a leading figure in the homeopathic community through his innovative approaches and dedication to patient care. As the founder of Aarogya Homeopathic, he has been at the forefront of promoting and advancing homeopathic treatments in India.

Key aspects of Dr. Chopra’s work include:

  1. Treatment of Complex Diseases: Dr. Chopra has gained recognition for his success in treating complex and chronic conditions using homeopathic methods.
  2. Research and Innovation: His work has contributed to the advancement of homeopathic practices, potentially expanding the scope of treatments available.
  3. Public Health Initiatives: Through Aarogya Homeopathic, Dr. Chopra has likely been involved in various public health campaigns and awareness programs.
  4. Education and Training: As a leader in his field, Dr. Chopra may have been instrumental in training new generations of homeopathic practitioners.

Impact on Society

The Excellence Award acknowledges Dr. Chopra’s significant impact on society through his medical practice. His work has potentially:

  • Provided alternative treatment options for patients with chronic illnesses
  • Increased public awareness and acceptance of homeopathy as a valid medical practice
  • Contributed to the overall healthcare landscape in Madhya Pradesh and beyond


Event Overview

The MSMES Summit organized by NDTV served as a platform to recognize and celebrate the achievements of entrepreneurs and professionals across various sectors in Madhya Pradesh. Key features of the event included:

  • Recognition of over 15 distinguished individuals from the state
  • Discussions on the role of MSMEs in economic development
  • Networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and policymakers

Significance of the Awards

The Excellence Awards presented at the summit highlight the state government’s commitment to recognizing and promoting talent across different sectors. By honoring professionals like Dr. Chopra, the event:

  • Encourages innovation and excellence in various fields
  • Promotes the growth of small and medium enterprises
  • Showcases Madhya Pradesh’s talent pool to a national audience

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