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Dr. Usha Thakur Receives Prestigious 12th Vishwa Hindi Samman

In a heartwarming celebration of linguistic and cultural ties between India and Nepal, Dr. Usha Thakur has been honoured with the 12th Vishwa Hindi Samman. This prestigious award recognizes her outstanding contributions to Hindi literature and her efforts in strengthening the bonds between Hindi and Nepali languages.

The Award Ceremony

A Unique Setting

The award was presented during a Hindi Samvad event, specially organized by the Embassy of India in Nepal. This event took place at Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu, creating a fitting academic backdrop for this literary honour.

Behind the Scenes

Originally, the award was to be presented at the 12th World Hindi Conference held in Fiji in 2023. However, due to Dr. Thakur’s inability to attend the Fiji event, this special ceremony was arranged in Nepal, bringing the celebration closer to home for the accomplished linguist.

Dr. Usha Thakur’s Contributions

A Bridge Between Languages

Dr. Thakur’s work stands as a testament to the power of translation in bringing cultures together. Her achievements include:

  • Translating over 40 literary works between Hindi and Nepali
  • Significantly contributing to the development of Hindi literature
  • Strengthening the position of Hindi as a language of cultural exchange

Hindi’s Role in Nepal

During the ceremony, Dr. Thakur highlighted an important aspect of Hindi’s presence in Nepal:

  • Hindi serves as a widespread contact language for tourists and locals in Nepal
  • This underscores the practical importance of Hindi in fostering communication and understanding between the two nations

Understanding the Vishwa Hindi Samman

A Global Celebration of Hindi

The World Hindi Conference, from which this award stems, is more than just a ceremony. It’s a global event that:

  • Celebrates the Modern Standard Hindi register of the Hindustani language
  • Brings together Hindi scholars, writers, and laureates from around the world
  • Promotes the development and global reach of the Hindi language

Historical Significance

  • The conference was first inaugurated on January 10, 1975
  • It has since become a key platform for discussing and advancing Hindi on the world stage

The Importance of This Recognition

Strengthening Indo-Nepal Ties

This award to Dr. Thakur serves multiple purposes:

  1. It recognizes individual excellence in literary contributions
  2. It highlights the cultural and linguistic ties between India and Nepal
  3. It promotes the importance of translation in fostering international understanding

Promoting Linguistic Diversity

By honouring work that bridges Hindi and Nepali, the award also:

  • Celebrates the rich linguistic diversity of the region
  • Encourages further work in translation and cross-cultural literary exchange

About Nepal: A Brief Overview

As the setting for this significant event, it’s worth noting some key facts about Nepal:

  • Government: A landlocked country in South Asia, formerly a kingdom established by the Shah dynasty
  • Leadership:
    • Prime Minister: Pushpa Kamal Dahal
    • President: Ram Chandra Paudel
  • Capital: Kathmandu
  • Currency: Nepalese Rupee

The Bigger Picture: Language as a Cultural Bridge

Dr. Thakur’s award reminds us of the crucial role that language plays in international relations and cultural understanding. Her work in translating between Hindi and Nepali serves as:

  • A bridge between two rich cultural traditions
  • A tool for fostering greater understanding between neighbouring nations
  • An inspiration for future generations of linguists and translators

Looking Forward: The Future of Hindi Literature

This recognition of Dr. Thakur’s work points to a bright future for Hindi literature:

  • It encourages more scholars to engage in translation work
  • It highlights the global relevance of Hindi as a language of literature and communication
  • It strengthens the cultural ties between India and its neighbours

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