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Emmerson Mnangagwa Wins Second Term As President Of Zimbabwe

Emmerson Mnangagwa has been declared the winner of Zimbabwe’s presidential election, securing a second term as the nation’s leader. The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) announced Mnangagwa as the victor with 52.6% of the vote, while his closest rival, Nelson Chamisa of the Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC), trailed behind at 44%.

This election marks a significant moment in Zimbabwe’s political landscape, occurring six years after the fall of longtime ruler Robert Mugabe, who was ousted from power in a military coup.

Emmerson Mnangagwa: From Political Apprentice to Zimbabwe’s “Crocodile” President

Born on 15 September 1942, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa is a prominent Zimbabwean politician who assumed the role of Zimbabwe’s President on 24 November 2017. A dedicated member of (Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front) ZANU–PF and a close associate of former President Robert Mugabe, Mnangagwa occupied various key ministerial positions and served as Mugabe’s Vice-President until November 2017.

Taking the helm at the age of 80, Mnangagwa’s ascendancy followed a 2017 military coup that deposed Zimbabwe’s longstanding leader, Robert Mugabe, who had held authority since the country’s independence in 1980. During the mid-1980s, Mnangagwa held responsibility for internal security. Mnangagwa was nicknamed as “The Crocodile,” a creature renowned in Zimbabwean legend for its cunning and unyielding nature.”

Zanu-PF’s Victory in Parliamentary Elections and Constitutional Implications

Apart from winning the presidential election, Mnangagwa’s party, the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF), secured 136 seats in the parliamentary elections. In contrast, the Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) secured 73 seats. However, Zanu-PF fell short of achieving a two-thirds majority, which would have granted the party the ability to make constitutional amendments.

Economic Struggles and Lingering Food Insecurity

Despite securing a second term, Mnangagwa’s presidency has been marked by criticism over his handling of Zimbabwe’s economy. High levels of unemployment and poverty persist in the country, which was once considered the breadbasket of southern Africa. Despite claims of a robust harvest, nearly 3.8 million people in Zimbabwe are expected to experience food insecurity this year.

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