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Ex-Spy Chief Sworn In as New Dutch PM with Mission to Curb Asylum

Former spy chief Dick Schoof is the new Dutch prime minister, leading a right-wing coalition with a focus on implementing the “strictest-ever” immigration policy. Schoof, 67, previously headed the Dutch Secret Service and takes over from Mark Rutte, who served 14 years in power.

Coalition Dynamics and Leadership

  • Geert Wilders’ far-right party, the Freedom Party (PVV), secured five ministerial posts.
  • Wilders stepped back from his own prime ministerial ambitions to maintain coalition stability.
  • Schoof, a former Labour Party member, was chosen as a compromise candidate due to his extensive government experience.

Immigration Policy

  • The coalition’s 26-page agreement, “Hope, Courage, and Pride,” outlines strict asylum and migration policies.
  • Schoof is committed to implementing these policies decisively.

Political and Public Challenges

  • Schoof aims to be a prime minister for all Dutch citizens and maintains independence from Wilders.
  • Managing coalition partners’ ideological and personal conflicts will be a key challenge.
  • Schoof’s past experience includes leading the Dutch investigation into the MH17 disaster.

International Relations

  • The coalition agreement also considers moving the Dutch embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Rutte’s Legacy

  • Mark Rutte, known for his survival skills in politics, will become NATO’s next secretary-general.
  • His term ended amidst scandals, including wrongful accusations of child allowance fraud and issues related to gas extraction-induced earthquakes in Groningen.


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