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Federal Bank Launched ‘Mookkannoor Mission’ Initiative At Its Founder’s Village


On the occasion of the 106th birth anniversary of its visionary founder, K.P Hormis yesterday, the Federal Bank recently inaugurated the ‘Mookkannoor Mission,’ a groundbreaking initiative designed to drive change and progress in the village of Mookkannoor, located in the Ernakulam district of Kerala. This initiative is a testament to the bank’s commitment to community development, environmental sustainability, and digital transformation, aligning perfectly with the ideals of its illustrious founder.

A Glimpse of Mookkannoor

Mookkannoor, a serene village nestled in the beautiful Ernakulam district, is a place of profound cultural heritage and natural beauty. However, like many parts of the country, it faces various challenges related to cleanliness, waste management, and access to essential services. Federal Bank, headquartered at Aluva, took it upon itself to transform this village and uplift the lives of its residents.

A Comprehensive Vision

The ‘Mookkannoor Mission’ is a grand vision that encompasses a wide range of activities aimed at enhancing the overall well-being of the village. The Federal Bank is committed to executing a comprehensive plan that covers digitization of the entire village, a rigorous cleanliness drive, waste management, tree plantation, community development, and the implementation of renewable energy projects.

Shyam Srinivasan’s Inspirational Words

Shyam Srinivasan, the Managing Director and CEO of Federal Bank described this initiative as a dream project, not just for the people of Mookkannoor, but also for the Federal Bank itself. Srinivasan emphasized the idea that in India’s narrative of transformation, a significant chapter should be dedicated to cleanliness and sustainability, with Mookkannoor as the shining example of how such a transformation can be realized.

A Three-Phase Approach

The ‘Mookkannoor Mission’ is designed to be executed in three distinct phases, spread over a span of three years. This meticulous planning ensures that the transformation process is both effective and sustainable. The project will be carried out under the guidance of the Mookkannoor Grama Panchayat and the K.P Hormis Educational and Charitable Society, reinforcing the bank’s commitment to collaborative efforts and community engagement.

Federal Bank’s Founder’s Day Celebrations

In honor of its Founder’s Day, the Bank launched a range of activities nationwide. These included the introduction of the Federal Bank Hormis Memorial Foundation Scholarship in six states, organizing blood and cloth donation drives for staff members, launching two new Federal Skill Academies in Ambattur, Chennai, and Belagavi, Karnataka.

Additionally, they inaugurated the foundation batch at the Coimbatore and Kolhapur branches of the Federal Skill Academy, with Coimbatore marking the inception of its first-ever tailoring course. The Bank also expanded its presence by opening seven new branches across different states.

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